Monday, 5 January 2009

Exactly January 1, 2009, I invited my friend apple to play the Pet Slide game in Facebook as I was super hooked to it. Pet Slide is a feel good pet game, just like Tamagotchi. Moving on, she said she was not into that game and she shared with me what she was into and sent me the link.

I clicked on the link above and tried playing around with it. It gave me a set of instructions and found myself hooked and inviting Richard and a few of my friends to be on my Posse list. OMG... whatever happened... Bam won't like this. Shocks... I'm hooked!!

Now, I'm level 9 on this game, sad to say with just 14 posse including Paris.

Get hooked! Let's play! Let the Fashion War begin and be your own beatch.

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