Monday, 6 April 2009

Friday, 3 April 2009


Last december, I created 10 of my 2009 Resolution. Let's revisit those and see if I was able to cover what I promised to do this year.

1. Smile more and frown less or better yet always smile. I know that challenges will come my way, I'm gonna solve them one at a time with the best solutions I can think of. (Wow, very positive) CHECK!! 1 Point.

2. Be more positive, being pessimistic will only aggravate my hypertension and might result to me eating more. Keep a positive mindset of 2009. I will have a better and stronger 2009. CHECK!! 2 Points.

3. Strictly follow my diet. No pork, no beef. Low salt, low calorie, low fat... should I say don't eat. Goodbye lechon, goodbye caldereta, goodbye kare kare. As Dra. Feliciano says, this day onwards, I will live my life as if I am a fisherman who can only afford fish and chicken. But I am seeing exceptions every so often. Joke!! Oops!!! I missed!! I guess every meal is an exception.. sarap kumain, ano magagawa ko?

4. Ensure to always have meds and drink it as scheduled. Sekwet.. madami magagalit.

5. I will engage myself in more walking than sitting. So I plan to adhere with my floor walking schedule every day and will create an activity that will help me burn fats. I think... i think... i'm not sure... hehehe

6. I will make sure to budget my money wisely. Its not that I didn't last year... but I'd like to manage my budget this year so that I could have more savings. This is gonna happen, pretty soon.

7. I will allot at least Php 1000 every payday for savings. I might have been drunk when I wrote this... I'm stucked with 2 points.
8. I will call mom every so often, I miss her so much. Better yet, visit her twice a month. Still stucked with 2 points.

9. I'll make sure to have a balanced work and personal life. 20% work, 80% personal... balanced right? If someone sees this from the office... you guys know I'm joking. Seriously I am. Hehehhe. CHECK!! 3 Points.

10. I'll reserve number 10 for later, something that should come my way and I have to include it in my list. I haven't though of anything for my 10th resolution, we still have 2 more quarters... so no rush.

OMG!! 3 out of 9... that's sad. I really have to get going now... need to hit the sack... I have work at 1:30. Hopefully this is the start of my BEING BACK IN THE BALL GAME. TTFN!!

Good Luck!!

Just want to post this GOODLUCK pic, should I need it real soon.

Wish me luck in all my endeavors.

I'm gonna be back in the game with a 4 leaf clover in my mind and heart and a pocket full of support from my family, friends and people closest to my heart.

I love you guys!!

Pagbigyan muli

Its game time... I need to be back in the ball game.

The past several days were super tough. It was one of the darkest moments of my life, I was not strong enough to withstand the adverse condition of time... and believe me.... for someone not used in being single... you wouldn't want to be in the same spot I am in. 

I hope everything turns out fine.

I would like to thank the people who stood beside not thinking if I was right or wrong, who made me realize my mistakes and made my better half and I feel that we are meant for each other and that this is just one of the rough moments of our partnership.

A million thanks to you guys. I love you

In roughly 4 days, I will be entering the 1st year of my 30's. What is in store for me? I don't know. I'd like to be wise on what I wish for. So if I had 1 wish, I'd like to multiply that 1 wish to a million wishes so that I can wish not just for my self but for the people I love and the people in need.

I wish for a million more wishes.

At this point, I can't truly say I'm complete... not unless I have all the important people back in my life, I can say I am complete and contented.

Hope I have you guys back, probably not now... but real soon.

... and to all my detractors (artista????) ...ang buhay parang bato... its hard (la lang.. masyadong serious kasi)

I need to be back in the ball game... and I want it now... Its game time.

Monday, 16 March 2009

How I feel 031609 5:08

I know I havent been blogging the past few weeks. There's really nothing to update and share.
At this very moment. I'm EMO... Emotera.
Sometimes, however hard you try to fix things, you cant.
You know who you are. This is my message to you. 

Thursday, 12 February 2009

This Man has turned into a Vavavoom Woman

Yes its official, Rustom is DEAD!! Let's welcome the new iCon... Bebe Gandang Hari.

I have to admire this Diva for her guts. He fabulously got out of the closet. 

I don't know what you're reaction is, but she's a winner.