Saturday, 26 July 2008

Team Deelicious III

After 2 months of being developed as an OM, here I am about to handle my own TL team again. Nothing to be sad about... in fact... Im super excited in handling a team again. I think in my short stint of being an Assistant Manager, I have learned a lot. I will always be thankful to my Mentor, Boss, Manager and Friend together with our team who was equally supportive.
Here are some Team Dave Photos.

My Original Team Dave - Some of them, have decided to move out of CVG and create their own career path and some still in CVG now Supervisors and Managers

Team Deelicious Batch 2 - Some of them pasaway and some loyal... but mostly pasaway. hehehe.

Team Deelicious - Team Bigatin

Team Deelicious Batch 3 - The converts... hehehe joke lang... mahal ko yan.

I'll miss you guys.
July 28, 2008... Welcome Team Deelicious Batch 4.

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