Thursday, 29 May 2008


I have read most of my friends blogs and they all had a post regarding our friend Richard's surprise bday party. I think, everything has been said... the surprise... good food... great venue... fantabulous socialites (socialites lang talaga).

Just to be a bit different, I did a collage and it says everything that I have to say about the party. I love it... I love Rica and Richard. I so love the socialites.

... and the famas goes to... what a shocker... the award goes to BigJim, JimNev and Vic. Supporting actor goes to Richard's Better Half... Ardee. Yehey!!!

Thank you Rica and Ardeetots... we wish you success, good health and a whole lot of love.

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BigJimboy said...

Kakaiba nga yung ginawa mo, friend. Good job! Doesn't it feel great to be a part of something wonderful? :D (o, walang mangiintriga, innocent comment yan...)