Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Iron Man

You might be thinking why watch the Iron Man just now. My answer to that is simple. Why not?
Enjoyed the whole evening last night with my baby. After school, we went straight to Alabang Town Center to watch the last full show. There were four cinemas slotted for Indianna Jones and the Cinema 5 for Iron Man.

We decided to watch the Iron Man as we heard a lot of good reviews and comments about the movie. We bought the tickets and had dinner at North Park as the movie would start 10:45pm.

Bam and I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed my night with Bam. It was simple, but being with Bam made it super different. Come to think of it, its been several months since we had a date.

Going back to the Movie... the movie was really good. Allow me to score the movie based on the movie content and how my friends gave their comments about it.

Cute yung start noh!!! C you guys this weekend.

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blindNES said...

cutie ung stars!Ü
hayyy..ako kaya kelan uli magkakadate..toinkz! lol