Thursday, 29 May 2008


We started out really as strangers
Text Messaging
Phone Calls
Meet Up
SM Southmall
Winston Lights
These were the things we both shared and did when we started.
We both took the risk
we were completely strangers
we took time to get to know each other
These were initially the things we had to go through in a short span of time
He stayed
for another day
another week
a month
2 months
a quarter
a year
... and now were almost on our 2nd...
i still love that same person I met June 25, 2006.
We have faced a lot of challenges
... we stood still and held each others hand and decided to stick with each other...
I promise to love you for another 2 years and 2 decades
Happy or Sad
Sick or Healthy
More or Less
I love you Pocholo Blances Oasan


• Chewlokoy • said...

Ohhhh... This is so sweet baby... I know i don't have a blog to make this one. But i know and you know how much happy do i have right now with you.. Im glad to have a someone who really cares for me at all. I love you Divino Oscar Lopez Grandos-Oasan. Advance 2nd Anniversary.

blindNES said...

awwww..that is so sweet! im so happy for both of you and im glad to be one of your friends. love you both! @cholo-naks namen sa english! :)