Sunday, 1 June 2008

What the universe has to say

These past few days, I have been reading several blogs of some of my closest friends and not, and I find it super interesting. I leave some comments to show them how I could agree more and about their thoughts and superb ideas.
Last night, I accidentally clicked on a link of a blogspot of an ex-friend and decided to read through it. All that I could say is, this person, this ex-friend is such an egocentric moron. He only speaks highly of himself... and I think that's stupid.
There was even one article there that he asks the universe of such and such... ***sigh*** ... and that the universe would always side to his favor. If only the universe can talk... this person might get extremely surprised of what the universe has to say.
Im gonna stop right here... and I hope this is the last time I write this type of article.
My Message to my x-friend: Go find a life... especially now that no one believes you due to your careless acts and egocentric ideas. Stop creating stories, stories without proof... you remind me of someone (wala na kayo pinagkaiba)... this might probably be a cause of one of your hallucinations. You might want to re-assess and ask the universe again of what now... and I think that this is high time that you do this before its too late... think about it.
whoooo shoooo... its still gonna be a happy day... coz I have friends around... not a one shot-deal, not fickle and most important, we love each other and we dont back stab each other... I think that is friendship.

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