Wednesday, 4 June 2008

So many good movies... so little time

Since last week, I have been wanting to watch a movie. There's just so many good movies to watch out for nowadays and I didn't want myself watching the must-see movies on its 3rd or 4th week just like I did when Bam and I watched the Iron Man or ending watching it on DVD (Well, not a bad idea... but its super different when you see it in a theatre.)

Finally, she's back... Carrie and her best chikadoras, our super fave characters in SEX and the CITY is back... now a movie!!! Almost everyone is awaiting for their comeback.

Another movie... I am wanting to watch is Star Cinemas 15th Year Anniversary presentation. I know its jologs to some, pabayaan nyo na ako friends... I'm a big fan of Sharon Cuneta.

Another certified block buster by Miss Sharon Cuneta, Caregiver a movie directed by Chito Roño is the 15th Anniversary offering of Star Cinema. It was shown last May 28, 2008, most of the scenes were shoot in London.

There's more super nice movies to watch, there's Narnia, 21... and soon... KungFu Panda and a lot more. You can visit ClicktheCity for more information.


rmacapobre said...

i miss the "girls" from sex and the city especially miranda. the red head.

they're perfect role models for women especially filipinas who are traditionally dependent on men or would deliberately reluinquish their power of choice for another. empowered women who would never remain victims to fate, that are so often glorified in our media.

popoytoy said...

im surprised you commented on my blog. Thank you, I appreciate that.