Monday, 16 June 2008

As promised!!! Canyon Cove Nasubgu

Hi guys, as promised... here are some pics of the socialites weekend get away at Canyon Cove, Barangay Wawa, Nasugbu Batangas.

Its so much fun when you spend it with your closest and the one you love. As usual, this was a time for bonding, fun, pleasure and talk. Moreover this was a time to reminice and revisit moments, ponder what has happened and what can we do to strengthen the friendship... no more fickle, no one-shot deal friendship, no me-myself and I personality. We agreed to open communication and the best of friendship... forever.

You can see more pics in my Photobucket (Dave's Photobucket). Check it out!!

One thing more... my friend Edward sold us his Canon S2 IS Semi Pro Camera... I super love it!!! All these pictures were taken with our new Canon S2 IS Semi Pro Camera... dont worry guys... ndi dahil may bago kami camera, bago na din ang ugali namin... camera ang binili namin... ndi friendship at happiness.

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HAHAHA! Hindi kagaya nung iba na may nabili lang akala mo kung sinong Ms. Universe na! heheheheh!