Monday, 15 September 2008

I was surprised when a certain Christopher commented on my blog. I wanna share with you his comment.

Christopher said...
All the richest person in the earth cannot buy yesterday back!!But do all good things today and you will be the richest person tomorrow!! Sana Gelo magbago kana kasi pag katxt kita parang ang bait mo pero nang mabasa ko ang blog ni Dave khit di ko pa sya kilala nahurt ako sa ginawa mo!!I can`t imaging you can do all that things...When i read you midnight anxiety entitled Stillness...first di ko pinansin kasi di naman ako affected..Un pala may pinatatamaan ka pala!Don`t text me anymore Gelo... I don`t want to have a FRIEND BUYER like you!!Continued what you have done!!Good luck!!I`m sorry!! I need to react! I`m newly member of Biggermanila and i`m glad to met all of you in our first anniversary party... my pleasure to be a member because i find true and honest friends!!Hope to know all of you! Don`t worry i`m not a friend buyer!! I`m very sorry regarding on this reaction because i`m shock about Gelo!!

My message to Christopher. Ingat ka lang sa mga ganitong tao. I'm just super thankful, I have Bam and my friends around.

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