Saturday, 29 November 2008

Celebrating 29 months

 Bam and I had a great time at the Mall of Asia yesterday, we celebrated our 29th month. We went window shopping, to shopping to eating dinner and ate halo halo as per vic's advice, superb!! 

But later that evening, it was sudden and very saddening that I had to get rushed to the Asian Hospital since I had severe stomach pains. Super thanks to my baby as he was there to the rescue. He was my superhero, my night and shining armor.

Now I'm still in the hospital, good thing, I don't have IV anymore. I'm looking forward to my super friends coming over and visiting as Bam went home to fix some errands and I have no one to talk to.

Well, its an experience being back at the Asian, sad... but an experience. Again thanks to Bam and Superfriends. I love you guys. Sana di malaman ng family ko.. ayaw ko sila magworry. 

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