Monday, 24 November 2008

Team Dave after 3 months

I am just super proud of this team. When I joined the team three months ago. It was a bit challenging since they had something of their own and I was trying to come up with a lot of ways to put myself in the picture. Look at us now, very funny, bonded and aside from getting a team of my own, I've got genuine friends.

I know I haven't been visible the past few weeks because of the responsibility the management entrusted me, but I'd like you guys to know.. that I miss you guys big time. I want you to know that you guys are banging under Daryl's supervision and hopefully we can still beat our scores. To Daryl, thank you for taking care of our babies. I love you guys.

Kamusta naman... kailan na ang Christmas Party?? We worked real hard the past three months, its just right that we celebrate our successes and recognize everyone's efforts. Perfeccctttt!!!!

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