Thursday, 6 November 2008


I'm super excited about ABS-CBN's newest upcoming reality show.
Fear is definitely not a factor as 12 contestants face the challenges of Pinoy Fear Factor. The popular US reality program is the latest hit worldwide franchise by Endemol to be adapted for Philippine tv. The Philippines is the third country to use this format after South Africa and India.
Pinoy Fear Factor will shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the contestants will try to surpass several stunts and challenges. Who among them will conquer their greatest fears?

Six men
1. Basketball hunk
2. The lover boy
3. Kargador sa pier
4. The funny Austrian
5. Chef
6. The promdi veterinarian

Six women
1. The glam goddess.
2. The new Ms. Body Beautiful
3. The daredevil chick
4. Flawless Girl
5. Party Bombshell
6. Hot momma

These 12 challengers left in August and they stayed in Argentina for a month. One will become the first winner & will take home the P2 million cash prize and a house and lot worth P2.5 million from Avida.
Kapamilya... nuod na!!!

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