Thursday, 18 December 2008

Convergys Noire Christmas Party

The Convergys Noire Christmas Party was super fun. There were a lot of activities for the employees. Not so lucky me, I arrived late since I had to get my "Ravena" costume from a friend. When I arrived, registration was super organized... I just had to enter my Employee ID and everything was automatic. After registration, it was like an awards night coz the photographers were waiting for me for the initial photoshoot. When I entered the party venue, the party was starting. There was super good food and cool activities. I could say that my company loves their employees. Outthinking... Outdoing...

My Ravena outfit

Me and Eddie

TL Mai's specialists

Joy, A-Ann, Grace and Me

Party people and Me

Grace and I

Trainors and I

My previous specialists

My best bud, Gen



The QA team and I

Kudos to the Employee Engagement Champions and Convergys Alabang Employee Care. I love my company... I love Convergys.

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