Monday, 1 December 2008

S&R and the BAM's

While waiting for bam to go on lunch, I decided to go to S&R and apply for membership. Tagal ko na plano 'to, but I guess, I was busy then and did not have the budget... kaya kanina, I took time 'to visit S&R alabang and sound myself paying the membership fee. Checked on some stuff first and got some stuff for Bam. Syempre, kain din kami ng favorite namin Quarter Pounder. We also bought some calzone to go.

Thanks to Jim and Vic for introducing us to S&R. Love you guys. 


Chunkee said...

Hey mare, congrats! Kapamilya ka talaga namin... sa S&R, hahaha! I'm sure you'll be addicted! :-P

popoytoy said...

I know mare. Thank talaga.