Friday, 12 December 2008

Its been quite sometime since I've seen my Diva Friends. Yes, I had to admit, I missed them. There was a time I needed to hibernate, I felt the need to be missed. Had a few misunderstaandings but I know we'll stick till the end. Anyways, just like my Social Eyes friends, their a family to me and we promised each other that we might not see each other often, we will remain the best of friends.

Last sunday, right after the exhausting but extremely fun Baguio ocular, I wnet straight to Mike;s place for the Annual Divas Christmas Party. I missed everyone, sincerely, I did and I hope they missed me like I missed spending time with them.

It was short but sweet. Sorry since I wasnt ready with my gifts. I'd like to mention, that I missed Mike and his Mom. Way back, I used to make tambay at Mike's place prior to working in Damam. I love her mom. I promised I'd drop by soon.

I miss my Diva Friends, but I hope that its going to be a lot better now... after my short hibernation.

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