Monday, 1 December 2008

Day 1 of Christmas Month

Its day one of the Christmas month and its day 1 for me to follow the diet instruction from my Dra. Feliciano. Again, sad but true.

So on my first day of this month, I am creating my New Year's Resolution for 2009 and I'm starting it today. My goal for 2009 is low sugar level and a stress free 2K9.

1. Smile more and frown less or better yet always smile. I know that challenges will come my way, I'm gonna solve them one at a time with the best solutions I can think of. (Wow, very positive)

2. Be more positive, being pessimistic will only aggravate my hypertension and might result to me eating more. Keep a positive mindset of 2009. I will have a better and stronger 2009.

3. Strictly follow my diet. No pork, no beef. Low salt, low calorie, low fat... should I say don't eat. Goodbye lechon, goodbye caldereta, goodbye kare kare. As Dra. Feliciano says, this day onwards, I will live my life as if I am a fisherman who can only afford fish and chicken. But I am seeing exceptions every so often. Joke!!

4. Ensure to always have meds and drink it as scheduled.

5. I will engage myself in more walking than sitting. So I plan to adhere with my floor walking schedule every day and will create an activity that will help me burn fats. 

6. I will make sure to budget my money wisely. Its not that I didn't last year... but I'd like to manage my budget this year so that I could have more savings.

7. I will allot at least Php 1000 every payday for savings.

8. I will call mom every so often, I miss her so much. Better yet, visit her twice a month.

9. I'll make sure to have a balanced work and personal life. 20% work, 80% personal... balanced right? If someone sees this from the office... you guys know I'm joking. Seriously I am. Hehehhe.

10. I'll reserve number 10 for later, something that should come my way and I have to include it in my list.

What I plan to do is revisit my resolutions every month and check if I am able to do it or not. I also placed a sticky in the prigidare to serve as a reminder.


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