Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sunday Surprise!! GF Bonding

Last sunday, while Bam and I was strolling at the mall, we surprising bumped into a few super special friends. I saw my CVG girlfriends having dinner at ATC. Lor, Abi Edna, Smol, Kathie and the only guy Tito Bry. I super miss my girlfriends. I've been wanting to see them but I guess everyones just extremely busy or I'm not just so in the loop nowadays since I've been tiring myself with work. Well, here are some photos of last sundays meet up

Lor, Kathie, Edna, Smol and Abbie
Eds and Smo - our Vonage Beauties
Me and Bam
Tito Bry and Eds - Our retired Sprint Sales Team
Smol, Tito Bry, Eds and Abbie
Eds, Smol, Kathie, Abbie
Smol and Kathie
Lor and Tito Bry
My GF's
Us again
Us again and again

Bam and I had the greatest time with them. Hoping I can spend more time with these people. I super miss you guys bigtime and I love you.

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