Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Social Eyes 1st Anniversary and Christmas Party

December 16, 2007, exactly this very day, posts a very important event for 16 individuals. After a year of fun, kulitan, happy moments, low moments, rough roads... we are still extremely happy with each others company and weathered the challenges of life and friendship.

December 13, 2oo8, we celebrated a year of successful friendship and a year of sweet smiles and laughter. Here are some pics, I'd like to share with you.

On our way to tagaytay, Ed on the left and co-pilot badz on his rught

A group pic @ a stop over after having a light dinner @ Mc Donalds. And yes, JimNev shows his Php85 peso UK UK shirt.

A group pic taken in the veranda, I was expecting a JerroGelo smile, it was a Bra-Der wave.

Guess who's not in the pic?? Well, Ed's taking the pic, Red's not yet there, Pau can't make it. We missed you Pau.
Dale and Ardee

JimNev and Aki with Vic while trying Lumpiang Shanghai

Mel, Bert and Abbu at the most controversial side of the Haus

Starting the videoke session. Sige bert, hala pili na!!

Partners Mel and Rhedd with their closest, Rhane the Diva of the Night.

I know, you know. I'm your Secret Santa JimNev and you were right all along. I hope you like my gift, compliments the UK UK Shirt. Heheheh. Joke!!

I super thought it was another MAC, but no, it was the box of the MAC I bought and left in Andy's place. I super love the bag Bert. Thank you so much.

Vic was Bam's Secret Santa, Kewl puppet, Bam really loved it and the bag of course. 

Love Team - Vic and Jim, the nights winner for the HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR PARTNER game.

Love Team - Badz and Abbu

Love Team - BAMniBAM, 3rd place

Love Team - Mel and Rhedd - 2nd place

The following day, after dropping off Ardee and Dale at the bus stop, Aki, JimNev, Vic, Ed and Eye... hehehe, decided to visit Caleruega and here are some of our pics... check it out.

It wasn't easy packing coz we really enjoyed the night... as in super. Next stop would be Baguio!! Hope everyone can come. 

I love you guys, I know that there are some groups trying to equal this friendship... ours is better because our intentions are pure and sincere. 

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