Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Just recently I watched an Independent Film titled "Sikil." I never knew I'd like it not until I watched the entire film. 

Three friends, two boys and a girl growing up in a small town south of Manila, share the same dreams, the same pains, the same visions and the same passions.

As they reach adulthood the love they have for each other reaches a new intensity and in this perfect friendship, choices have to be made testing their loyalties while discovering their preferences.

From being childhood friends they become three individuals struggling to find their true identity, looking for a deeper meaning to their existence. This friendship was almost perfect but for the choices they have to make, the very choice that is capable of ripping their friendship apart when boy loves girl, girl loves boy and boy loves boy.

A different kind of love that brings on the true beauty, the deeper meaning of forgiveness and the joy of letting go.

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